Parallel Program Emblem

Parallel Program Report

This site covers Guardians who contributed to Destiny 2 in a meaningful way, and have received the Parallel Program emblem.

Have the emblem, but not on this list? Or would you simply like to send feedback? Make a GitHub issue here or contact me via Twitter at @solelychloe.

Charlemagne Charlemagne Logo

A Discord bot that provides detailed access to Destiny 2 information. Check profile stats, clan ranking, and have scheduled LFG posts.

Destiny Item Manager DIM Logo

Build the loadout, swap items and check stats at any time to Become Legend.

Destiny Insights Destiny Insights Logo

A Twitter bot, providing insightful info, such as how many times a specific mod was sold/when it made its last appearance.

Destiny Recipes Destiny Recipes Logo

A collection of tools for Destiny. Destiny Recipes includes the Pre-seasonal checklist, a Vault Cleaner, and a Loot Companion.

Destiny Sets Destiny Sets Logo

Track your missing gear, armor sets, and pursuit badges.

DestinyTracker DestinyTracker Logo

The website for detailed profile and weapon statistics. Compete against the top players in featured leaderboards.

Ghost Overlay Ghost Overlay Logo

A mini app that lets you pin bounties, triumphs, and quests on top of Destiny 2.

Guardian Theater Guardian Theater Logo

Find yourself in the Twitch VODs that your Destiny 2 teammates and opponents recorded.

Ishtar Collective Ishtar Collective Logo

Categorizing Destiny Lore.

Ishtar Commander Ishtar Commander Logo

Tap into your Guardian's arsenal, vault, and inventory; all from your device.

Levante Levante Bot Logo

A multi-purpose Destiny Discord bot. Track daily rotations, emblems, and more.

Little Light Little Light Logo

An item manager for Destiny 2 that will make your Guardian's life a lot easier.

Lost Sector Report LS Report Logo

Your daily Destiny 2 Legend & Master Lost Sector report.

Scrublandeux Scrublandeux Logo

A calendar heatmap of time spent playing Destiny 2.

TodayInDestiny TodayInDestiny Logo

A summary of what's available in Destiny today.

Trials Report Trials Report Logo

The ultimate companion for Destiny's Trials of Osiris. Look up everything on your opponents or yourself and see your game improve!

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